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Officials Depot Reusable Poly Performance Fabric FACE MASK

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5.6.20 Notice: We have given away all the referee/umpire face masks we made from our uniforms. We just got in some generic cloth face masks that we will give away for free as well if you are in need. Houston residents please email us and we will get you one. If you are out of the city you can place a order online (only thing to cover is the shipping charge) There is also an option to make a donation to a local Houston non profit organization. 


Four Options:

*Houston Residents- Please email us at to schedule a pick up / delivery time. 

* Donation - Select Poly Performance Face Mask and we will ship you one and make financial donation to a local Houston charitable organization. The list is provided below. (Houston residents you can also select this option if you wish to make a donation)

*Non Donation- Select a  Poly Performance Face Mask and we will ship you one. You are just paying the cost of shipping to your address. 

*Make a donation only to the following Houston Local Organizations (No mask)


Lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric is comfortable on your face

Made in Houston, TX

Elastic band easily fits over your ears

Local organizations to which donations will be made:

Houston Area Women’s Center: Women experiencing domestic violence may still stay at the Houston Area Women’s Shelter, however staff are reserving rooms to quarantine staff and clients as necessary. If rooms fill up, the center plans to rent hotel rooms to accommodate sick staff and clients. As residents are asked to stay home and experience personal and financial hardship, the risk for domestic violence rises, the center’s website reported. 

Christian Community Service Center: The organization is accepting Monetary donations as well as food for its local pantry service. The nonprofit helps cover rent, provides food, job placement and counseling services.

The Way Home: The regional coordinating body for homeless services in the Houston area is accepting monetary donations for its continued outreach services for vulnerable communities. Monetary donations are preferred over in-kind donations.


*Supply on masks is limited. Please allow up to 24 hours for response. We will continually update inventory as we receive more in. We are making these by hand so the process takes a while!

Disclaimer: Homemade face masks are not as effective as the N95 filtration masks recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But while N95 masks are the ideal PPE (personal protective equipment) for hospital staff, homemade masks can be used in their absence and as a measure of last resort.

Officials Depot makes no claim that this product will protect against Covid 19 or any other airbone virus.