Houston Advanced Umpire Clinic - FREE - Oct 22-23


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October 22-23, 2022


The Houston Astros MLB Urban Youth Academy

2801 S. Victory Dr.

Houston, TX  77099


Any HTASO member in good standing, who is varsity-qualified, and wants to improve their skills.

Why we are doing this?
  • Help our HTASO Varsity level umpires increase their skills set (tools) and knowledge in connection to High School baseball
  • Create consistency in the administration of the High School baseball rules and interactions between Umpires, Coaches and Players at the High School level of baseball.
  • Learning Advanced philosophies, mechanics, and rule applications (procedures) for High School baseball
  • Provide opportunities with advanced skills to improve rankings and playoff assignments.
  • Adding TOOLS to increase on-field CONFIDENCE
  • 90/10 Concept – Instruct to the 90% of usual types of plays rather than the obscure 10%
  • Getting the Call Right – Remove EGO’s (Know when and how to get help)
  • Believability – How to use the RULES – Not just knowing the rules – Applications, Procedures and Mechanics, Self-Practice
  • Approachability – Handling Coaches – Verbal Judo
  • Positioning – Working the Bases, Cage work
  • Crew Communications – Before, During and After Game

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  • I’m with the Saltgrass Chapter in Brazoria County. Several of us are interested. I have 33 years experience with TASO baseball.

    Lopez steve

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