New Season Grind

New Season Grind

It's hot! It's humid! It's the start of a new school year and that means the beginning of a new soccer off-season. It's time to see whose shirt is the most wet from sweat and what we call "the hard work factor". It's time to observe and begin to identify the potential players to fill the varsity roster for the upcoming season. Honestly, it's just a great time to be motivated and excited to be the head coach of not just talented players, but young men who have dreams and ambition to be successful now and after high school. 

On August 16, players will walk into the locker room and listen to the expectations, which is the same every year, "win district, win regionals, win state."  Why?  Because, these young men know that they have the talent, work ethic, but most importantly, the heart to get there.  They will be assigned their lockers, given their practice kits, complete their physical paperwork and begin the grind that will last three months until late November tryouts. 

During the three months of off-season, these young men will lift to get strong, run to get faster and gain stamina, but most importantly learn to play as a team, build team chemistry, focus on their academics, and dream and set goals for the season and their career after high school.  What people outside of our circle need to know is that all high school coaches, are hooked to each student-athlete pushing, encouraging, mentoring, and  motivating them to excel on and off the field or the court (depends what sport it is).

As a head coach, I get excited about the new season, but I am even more excited about the big picture. Why is that you ask? Knowing that win or lose, my players are going to be successful and they're going to learn that everything they put into the off-season, will transpire and reflect in a successful campaign during the season. Most importantly, the experiences that they gain from their successes on the pitch is what matures them in making the decisions in life that will allow them to be winners one day off the of it as a professional, son, husband, father, and a positive member in our society.

How do I truly feel about this season? Ask me in April as I will be reflecting about this season and planning and getting excited for the grind of the next .

-Wadey Yaya 

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