Movies around the holidays. They kind of go hand-in-hand. How about sports movies around the holidays? Even better. Here are the ten best holiday sports movies of all-time.

10. Mystery, Alaska (1999)

The “Saturday game” makes it into Sports Illustrated and New York Rangers come to the small town of Mystery to play an exhibition game. The game is, of course, played outside in holiday-like conditions. The Mystery team drops a 5-4 decision but two locals wind up with minor league contracts.

9. Slap Shot (1977)

It is simply the greatest hockey comedy of all-time. Paul Newman is brilliant as the aging veteran leading his team of thugs to save the franchise. Hey, hockey season includes the holidays and Slap Shot just continues to bring the joy!

8. Mighty Ducks D2 (1994)

Hockey movies just bring the holidays to mind. Mighty Ducks D2 was the second in the trilogy and is about as close to The Sandlot on ice as you can get. Young boys growing up and learning how to win…at everything.

7. Ice Castles (1978)

Lexie just wants to be a champion figure skater. Her boyfriend Nick dreams of playing professional hockey. Lexie loses her sight and Nick, but Nick shows her that she can overcome her injuries. It’s skating; it’s cold, and wintry. You can almost feel the holiday spirit.

6. Cutting Edge (1992)

Yes, it’s another “I wanna be a hockey player” and “I wanna be a figure skater” movie. But, just when you think Doug and Kate can’t stand each other anymore, Cutting Edge hits you with a romance that makes anyone’s holiday heart melt.

5. Cool Runnings (1993)

He didn’t make the Summer Olympic team in the 100 meters so instead he and three other Jamaicans will attempt to make the Winter Olympics in the bobsled. It’s a feel-good, jolly movie when the Jamaicans make it.

4. Cinderella Man (2005)

James Braddock was washed up as a fighter, but he makes one of the greatest comebacks in all of history. On the way he exhibits the true meaning of the holiday spirit – goodwill, generosity, and humility. A 10-to-1 underdog against the heavyweight champion of the world, Braddock does the unthinkable.
3. Iron Will (1994)

It’s the human spirit in action. Plus, there are dogs. Plenty of snow and cold as a young man enters a sled race to provide for his newly widowed mother.

2. Miracle (2004)

If you don’t know, Miracle is the story of the biggest upset in sports history…ever. The amateur United States Olympic hockey team defeats professionals from the old Soviet Union in the semifinals and more professionals from Finland to capture a gold medal. Truly inspirational at this time of year.

1. Rocky IV (1985)

The hero avenges the death of his friend Apollo Creed by taking on the mammoth Ivan Drago in a boxing match on Christmas Day. Rocky celebrates with a win!

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