Walkers Weekly Wrant : Haters


I hate Golden State. I hate Steph Curry. I hate KD. I hate Draymond Green. Hate. Hate. Hate. A lot of people hate the Patriots. The Yankees. The Red Sox. Michael Jordan had haters. Jerry Rice had haters. I’m sure that even Babe Ruth had haters. I’m a fan of the Houston Rockets. Oh boy, does James Harden have haters. It’s what makes the game fun.

I’ve noticed something funny about the hate. Only great players and teams will receive it. No one hates the Browns. They’re losers. No one rants about the Orlando Magic online. It makes no sense, they’re terrible. You know who has haters now? The Utah Jazz. I’ve always disliked them as a Rocket’s fan, but lately everyone seems to hate on them. Why? Donovan Mitchell is a super star, and people hate super stars.

That’s why I like when people hate on James Harden. It means something. No one hates on a third rate starter. Everyone hates on the guy that is so much better than anyone they are backing. It’s why I hate the Warriors. It’s why I hate the Patriots.

Greatness breeds hate. So if you’re being hated on, or your team is hated, embrace it. It means you’re doing something right.

-Graham Walker 


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