Walker's Weekly Wrant - NBA – Playoff Predictions:

NBA – Playoff Predictions:

We are about 20 games from the end of the regular season in the NBA. Most casual fans don’t care. Does the regular season even matter? We’ll be watching Cavs vs. Warriors for the fourth time in a row. Or will we?

Walker here, and I’m ready to make some crazy predictions.


Here’s my prediction of the final regular season standings:




1.       Houston Rockets

      1.   Toronto Raptors 

2.       Golden State Warriors

       2.    Boston Celtics

3.       New Orleans Pelicans

       3.    Cleveland Cavaliers

4.       Portland Trailblazers

       4.    Washington Wizards

5.       Oklahoma City Thunder

       5.    Philadelphia 76ers

6.       Denver Nuggets

       6.    Indiana Pacers

7.       Minnesota Timberwolves

       7.    Milwaukee Bucks

8.       Utah Jazz

       8.    Detroit Pistons


West Craziness:

The first thing readers will notice is the absence of San Antonio in the West. The Spurs are only 1.5 games ahead of the 9th place Los Angeles Clippers. Without Kawhi Leonard or LaMarcus Aldridge, the Spurs can’t compete in a loaded Western Conference. I think the Utah Jazz have the talent to overtake them. I believe Minnesota will fall in the rankings due to Jimmy Butler’s injury, but they still have the talent in Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins to make the playoffs.

Western Final Prediction: Houston vs. Golden State

This is an easy prediction. Both of these teams are in a class of their own. Golden State is ahead of the 3 seed by 12 games. The West playoffs will be tough, Golden State will have to go through Minnesota and the winner of the NOLA and Denver Series. Houston will have to play a tough series against Utah, where Houston fans know dreams go to die. Then they will face either Damian Lillard, or the Big Three of Adams, Westbrook, and George(Big 4 if Anthony gets hot). I think Houston takes the Finals in a high scoring, fast paced 7 games series. Home court advantage is huge in this, and I believe it will clinch it for Houston.


East Craziness:

Usually, not much happens in the East. LeBron coasts through the regular season, then becomes the Greatest of all Time in the playoffs and destroys the East. Not this year. This year, LeBron may have to sweat. Toronto and Boston look unstoppable. The Process in Philadelphia is making teams look silly, blocking everything that comes his way. Detroit went out and got Blake Griffin. This is the year LeBron may miss the NBA Finals. In fact:

Western Final Prediction: Toronto vs. Boston

This is the year LeBron may miss the Eastern Finals. LeBron will have to go through Indiana, and then the Cavs will play the Boston Celtics. Remember that business in the off season? Kyrie “Flat Earth” Iriving being traded to Bean Town for Isaiah “I back up Lonzo Ball now” Thomas? Well, the Celtics definitely won that trade. Kyrie has been playing out of his mind, and Al Horford is no slouch either. They take the Cavs in 6. Toronto will go through Detroit and then play the winner of Washington and Philadelphia, most likely Philly. Toronto takes it. Then it comes down to Irving and Horford vs Lowry and DeRozan. I believe Boston wins this in 6, with Irving turning it on and putting up 33 points and 8 assists a game.

NBA Finals Matchup: Houston vs Boston

Rematch of the 1986 Finals. This series has a chance to cement Chris Paul’s legacy as one of the greatest Point Guards of all time. Kyrie Irving can prove to the world, as flat as it may be, that he can win it all without LeBron. Harden can show that he isn’t a choker in the playoffs. The two teams split their regular season games, with each game decided by 3 points or less. The home team won both matchups, and I think that will be the key here: Home Court. In a breath taking, wild, high scoring series, I believe the Houston Rockets take home the Larry O’Brien trophy, winning in seven on their home floor.

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