Want to Umpire High School baseball games in Houston for the 2024 season? Updated: December 2023

Follow these easy steps to register with Houston TASO Baseball for the 2024 season! Make sure you register with TASO State & Houston TASO Baseball. Training starts in early January! Updated December 2023


 Umpiring requires quick thinking, common sense, and confidence. When the ball is in play, the umpire sees the action, assesses the situation and makes the call -- all in a matter of seconds. The successful umpire has a thorough knowledge of the rule book, is even-tempered, and is mentally strong enough to handle situations under stressful conditions. A professional umpire is expected to hustle, be alert, be in excellent physical condition, and have a neat appearance.


Steps to become a Houston TASO Baseball umpire

To umpire with the Houston Chapter of TASO Baseball, the first step is to join TASO and register for the Houston Chapter Umpire new umpire orientation and training clinics. 


  1. Joining the state organization of TASO is done online at
  2. Registering with Houston TASO chapter is done online at  
  3. Pay the state and local chapter dues.
  4. Complete a New Umpire Orientation Session - Online
  5. Complete a New Umpire Training Clinic – Online and in-person
  6. Work at least 2 scrimmage games – prior to the start of the regular season in February


Any questions or concerns can be directed to the HTASO Member-at-Large on our HTASO Board of directors. The current M-at-L is Phillip Reynoso. Email to:

Dues:   All members must have paid all dues and be in good standing before being scheduled any games for 2024.  If you have not fulfilled all requirements as a member in good standing for the Houston Chapter (Good standing refers to dues and training requirements) you will not have access to the Houston Chapter scheduling app. (



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