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*NEW* P-51 Hygienic Protector Whistle

*NEW* P-51 Hygienic Protector Whistle

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All whistle. No spit. Same game.

The world's only hygienic whistle redirecting airflow down & away providing a safer environment for players, fans & coaches.

Features & Benefits

  • Strategic patented design positions chambers underneath mouthpiece, opposite traditional whistles
  • Directs air particles & spit droplets down & away from others
  • Droplets reduced by 95%
  • Superior quality sound expected of a professional whistle Comfortable food-grade silicone mouth grip
  • Resealable packaging for storage
  • Available in Black and Blue. 

In the stadium of whistles, The P-51 commands everyone’s attention, delivering a mighty blow without the blemish of flying spittle. The P-51's piercing sound and unwavering performance are a knockout, solidifying its position at the apex of the whistle game

The latest innovation from The Protector Whistle Company is a sports whistle, aptly named after the legendary P-51 Mustang plane that dominated the skies during World War II. The P-51 Whistle is designed to take your performance to new heights, while keeping those around you safe.

This referee and coach whistle is a game-changer. Unlike traditional whistles that direct air and spit upward towards players, the P-51 Whistle directs it downwards, reducing the risk of health hazards and improving hygiene standards on the field.