Crew Chief Expectations

Here are some of the expectations for new crew chiefs:

Contact Home Coach of first game of series.
Contact Visiting Coach of first game of series.
Send email message, if there is no answer during initial phone attempt.
Confirm game location of all games
Confirm game times and dressing room accommodations
Confirm your crew members and plate assignments.
Confirm all payment and paperwork requirements. Also get the phone number and contact information of the AP Person for each school.
See if there are any concerns that the coaches may have regarding the series. (Weather, Field
Conditions, etc.)
Make sure you have every contact number the coach can give you including assistants and AD’s 

Make sure they are available for the entire series
Make sure they understand you are the crew chief and you are the one that is responsible for all
communications to the crew and coaches.
They know the start time and locations of all the games in the series.
They know the time and location where the crew will meet for the first game.
They know the rotation of who has the plate and base assignments of the series.
Make sure you have a backup plate guy who has his gear for each game in the series.
Discuss travel arrangements if you are carpooling.
Decide on what colors are to be worn for the entire series.
Tell the crew what the accommodations for dressing rooms will be available

Complete and print payment paperwork for series
Print mechanics handouts, have a rule book and Case Book.
Review 3\4 man mechanics manual.
Make mechanic adjustments to accommodate the crew’s abilities.
Have baseball mud if baseballs need to be rubbed by crew.

Arrive at game 1.5 hours prior to first game. 1 hour in other games.
Complete all payment information with crew
Crew chief and 1 crew member take paperwork to home coach and notify coaches crew has arrived
Do baseballs need to be rubbed up?
Walk field with crew
Crew chief will review mechanics with crew.
Walk on field 10 minutes prior to game time.
Send Assignor Post game report on score and winner

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