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Davis BFX MLB Homage V2 Side Panel Sky Blue Umpire Shirt

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Davis BFX MLB Homage V2 Side Panel SKY BLUE Umpire Shirt

  • Stay Cooler, Stay Focused: Enhanced with BFX and our proprietary FNX fabric, this shirt offers superior moisture-wicking and temperature regulation, keeping you cooler and more focused under any condition.
  • Freedom of Movement: Crafted from 100% Mechanical Stretch Polyester, the shirt provides exceptional flexibility, allowing free and easy movement without restriction.
  • Look Professional, Feel Confident: Combines the classic side panel MLB design with practical anti-wrinkle, anti-odor fabric, ensuring you maintain a sharp and authoritative presence on the field.

Tailored for the demands of amateur umpiring, the Davis BFX MLB Homage V2 Black Side Panel Umpire Shirt stands out in its class. Its combination of superior fabric technology and thoughtful design addresses the unique challenges faced by umpires in varying weather conditions, especially in hot and humid environments.

Designed for Performance and Professionalism

  • BFX Fabric: Stay cool with a fabric that promotes airflow and effectively wicks sweat, keeping you dry and focused. It’s the foundation for a shirt that works as hard as you do.
  • Proprietary FNX Fabric: Integrated into the neck interior in our signature Frost Blue hue, the FNX fabric stands out for its ability to lower ambient temperature and wicking moisture faster, offering a cooling effect to beat the heat.
  • Designed for Dynamic Movement: The mechanical stretch polyester not only offers durability but also supports an umpire’s need for unhindered movement, crucial for responding to the fast-paced nature of the game.
  • Crisp, Professional Look: A combination of the shirt's anti-wrinkle and anti-odor properties along with its tailored fit ensures that you maintain a sharp and commanding presence from the first pitch to the last call.

Ideal for All Climates, Exceptional in Heat:

  • Versatility for Every Environment: While suitable for various conditions, this shirt excels in warm, humid settings where staying cool and dry is crucial.

Key Upgrades from V1:

  • Improved Color Matching and Accuracy: The new version boasts more refined and accurate color matching, ensuring a sharper and more professional appearance on the field.
  • Updated Sizing for a Perfect Fit: We've revised our sizing, offering a better fit especially for bigger umpires, ensuring comfort and a flattering look for all sizes.
  • Upgraded Fabrics for Superior Performance: The use of advanced BFX and FNX fabrics has been enhanced in this version, providing even better moisture-wicking and cooling capabilities.


Color: SKY BLUE 
Body Fabric: 
100% BFX Polyester
Interior Neck Fabric: FNX Nylon
Sleeve: Short
Buttons: 3 x premium black soft touch buttons
Embellishments: Davis 'D' silicone logo in charcoal on left sleeve and back neck

Care Guide

  • Wash with like colors
  • Do not bleach
  • Machine wash warm water
  • Tumble dry low
  • Steam lightly if necessary
  • Ironing not recommended - If ironing, set your iron to the lowest heat setting. This reduces the risk of burning or melting the fabric. Iron swiftly and avoid leaving the iron on any area of the garment for an extended period.