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Plate Power Bend Knee Protection

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PRICING: Buy 1 Individual Plate Power Bend Protector for $20, or buy a pair for $35

HIGH QUALITY FABRIC: 68% Nylon Fabric and 32% Spandex. 

COMFORTABLE - Lightweight, Breathable & Adjustable comfort fit with quadruple elastic stretch that won't roll, slide or slip. No skin irritation or itchiness.

3D TECH: High quality, anti-slip double stitching texture technology provides superior mobility, comfort & durability. Allows for hours of continuous use.

BREATHABLE - Non-slip neoprene mesh sleeves allow air to flow easily. 

ODOR RESISTANT - Hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking fabric resists odors and bacteria. 

MACHINE WASHABLE - Easy-to-remove sleeves can be machine washed, air-dry only.

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